Prefabricated Steel Building Painting

New Building on the Horizon?

We partner with local prefab steel builders all over town to help them complete their projects. All around the great city of Houston we see some of the best American steel prefabricated structures coming up to keep business booming.

When nearing completion, many times, we get calls to come out and bid their final masterpiece. Our professional grade steel building painting adds the final touch to bring out the true beauty of a masterful building.

Steel buildings are showing up more and more often around the Houston area. Turnkey industries help deliver high quality buildings that are sturdy and have low maintenance costs. Add a touch of color to your near finished project with steel building painting.

Our team has over 20 years of experience with painting all types of structures, surfaces, and building types. We guarantee we can help bring the most out of your building. Get the appearance and protection you deserve.

How To Prepare The Building

Whenever you intend to have a prefabricated steel building painted, there are many conditions to consider and prepare for in the event that you want your job to last. With proper care in surface preparation, selection of primer, and good application, your building painting could last for decades.

The surface preparation is the most important for the building. Older buildings will take more time to ensure that rust, debris, and any other oxidizing points are thoroughly removed. In certain cases this could be as simple as sanding the surface. Chlorine products can be used to remove mildew and other buildup but must be rinsed and dried before priming.

The priming process involves running a full coat of primer across the entire surface of the building to be painted. If there are minor scratches or damages the primer can often cover these up providing a flush new looking surface.

The final step to prefabricated metal building painting is to apply the finish coat to the building. With skilled even distribution, this final coating will last for years on end without unnecessary damages. There are several types of paint and endless colors for your business to choose from.

Are There Other Benefits?

Yes indeed there are. Having a quality coat of painting around your steel building helps to protect the metal. It can prevent rusting to the panels and screws for many more years than an unpainted building. This depends on the color scheme as well. Also steel building painting can help keep the inside of the building cooler.

This means lower air conditioning bills for you. Roofing can be painted as well to provide water slick coatings. Just like for car windshields, you can have your slanted roof repel water!

Commercial Painting of Houston is here to stay and we are ready to partner with more commercial companies in the Houston area! Have a question? Call today!